Friday, December 16, 2016

Happy Holidays

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Friday, August 26, 2016

She-Ra Masters of the Universe Princess of Power – Mattel MOTU Exclusive for San Diego Comic-Con 2016

Although Mattel had a hand in designing Masters of the Universe Princess of Power She-ra, she is not to be confused with Barbie.

What is she then?

She is 11 inches tall and highly articulated with doubled jointed elbows and knees, hip swivels, and toe joints. She has pretty blue eyes, rosebud mouth, and rooted blonde hair.

Does that description sound like a cross between an Action Figure and a Fashion Doll to you?

The commonly accepted use of action figure implies “for boys” and dolls implies “for girls” but forgetting that for a moment, all I really wanted to know was could heavy articulation help or impede her should she choose to walk the catwalk.

After inspection, I allotted scores:

Facial Screening: 8/10. I would have given it a 10 but the red eye-shadow is gosh awful.

Hair: 8/10. She lost points for the hideous widows peak, and there was too much of it, which is common among FDs. But she gained points for its silky texture and because the rooting of it was done without the use of ghastly glue.

Articulation: On articulation alone it’s a 10, but in terms of fashion doll aesthetic it’s a 3/10 for unsightly joints.

Size: 3/10. Her height of approximately 11 inches wins her a solid 10, but her hands and feet drastically reduced the overall score. Hands should have been smaller (high points, though, for being changeable and for coming with three pairs), but it was her feet that really kicked the score to the gutter. They are massive and AF all the way. The feet are not removable and even if I were to drill them out, I doubt that Made-To-Move Barbie feet would fit. (The hand pegs of MTM are not the same size as She-ra’s).

Body femininity: 9/10. Lovely breasts and sweet nipped waist. But weird shoulders (see articulation) and I wasn’t sure about the muscular thighs, though I don’t entirely dislike them either. Likewise, the muscular arms. I give the body an overall high score because I rather like the diversity.

Could She-ra walk the catwalk? Probably not. She’s more AF than FD in my opinion and that is mostly because of the size of her feet. Mattel missed the mark again – they could have marketed this costumed figure/doll to comic fans and AF collectors alike, but also have given FD collectors a solid option for something different if only they had made the feet removable with pegs compatible to that of Made-To-Move. How simple would that have been?!


Thursday, August 18, 2016


Let’s be honest - most dolls can’t afford designer wardrobes. Luckily, there are budget friendly options for them, and thanks to Muff, whose blog featured Sparkle Girlz fashions in July, I went shopping. 

Timber (formerly Pirate Barbie) has combined a Mattel fashion pack skirt ($3.00) with a Sparkle Girlz top ($2.50).

The skirt has a high low hem. The top had a particularly thick Velcro closure so I took the quality up a notch by replacing it with snaps for a better fit and also to avoid snags.

Timber cheated by adding high-end IT shoes, as well as accessorizing with IT bracelets, but I am sure she kept an eye on her expenses and bought them deeply discounted. Ha!

˙·٠•●♥` Cheers! `♥●•٠·˙

Friday, May 27, 2016


I desperately wanted a new dolly fix but nothing appealed:

  • My beloved IT Nu.Face has me disenchanted since they gained height – they remind me of Opiliones. I might have to break down and go back to rebodying but for the moment it’s tiresome. (I’m undecided about The Industry at this time.)
  • Mattel has done awesome fashions and articulated bodies recently but the doll faces look like they suffer from megalophthalmus (greatly enlarged eyes - a condition that worsens with age and may eventually require surgery).

Now, if you like tall dolls and/or dolls with excessively large pupils, I am not knocking your choice, and I mean no offense. All dolls are beautiful! For me, and no doubt likewise for you, the idea is to find something that m’inspire. So with nothing new inspiring me, I turned my attention to old stuff. Could anything old touche mon cour? Well yes, as it so happens.

Ta-da! 2009 Wicked Witch of the East!

When you stop laughing, I shall proceed. L Thank you. 

My fix was a mix:
Barbie Look Sweet Tea’s pale articulated body
IT’s Beast’s fashion with a new spin
Witch head (sans chin wart)

Shall we try this again? 😏
Ta-da! 2009 Wicked Witch of the East!

Witch’s screening reminds me of early FR with the elongated eye makeup. Her expression is less friendly but that gives her the perfect combination of beauty and character I adore.

I had such fun with this I am once again reminded of the joy in playing with what I have instead of looking for the next. 

Wishing you joy in playing with your old treasures.

(¯`v´¯) ....♥

Friday, February 12, 2016

Big Beautiful Doll – News Update

Big Beautiful Dolls Available Again....

Tallulah-Belle is hoping I will purchase a friend for her, and I would love to, but as I pointed out to her, BBD feet are huge, making finding shoes difficult if not impossible, so I have to pass on a nude doll. I think Nikia is lovely lovely lovely…. but her underwear is painted on, seeming to me better suited as a display doll rather than a play doll, and I don’t display dolls. I am, however, thrilled to see the return of these dolls (big thank you to MM for sending me the info and link) and wish this wonderful company all the best. I will be watching to see what they offer in the future.

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to purchase a BBD, you can do so at I AM BEAUTIFUL DOLL COMPANY