Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2015 Barbie Fashion Paks

The 2015 Babs fashion line includes some inexpensive single item fashion paks. I was happy to see that some (not all) of them came sans overlocked hems, mismatched stitching thread, and/or glitter. Whoot!

When little fashion pieces like this can be had for less than $4.00, the cost of dressing the dollies ceases to be a worry. 

Arna’s Outfit: 2015BFP tee; Pants – CL; Shoes – IT; Necklace – Levitation; Earring – DG; Bracelets - me

Imogean’s Outfit: 2015BFP skirt; Tee – Frau E; Shoes – IT; Necklace & Bracelet - unknown designer

Taya’s Outfit: 2015BFP skirt; Tee – CL; Belt – Barbie; Shoes – IT; Sunglasses – DG; Bracelet – me

Alex’s Outfit: 2015BFP skirt; Tee – CL; Cardigan - CL; Shoes – Babs; Necklace - DG

Finally dressing the dollies doesn't have to mean spending a fortune.

Cheers! (>‿◠)✌


  1. These look great!

    I have not seen them in person yet, as my usual Walmart just started a massive reset and I haven't been to Target or TRU in a while.

  2. As always, great job styling the ladies. Your first picture includes a couple pieces I haven't spotted yet. I'll keep an eye out for those jeans and that floral skirt.

  3. I haven't see these particular fashion packs yet, but I have bought a few of the new ones. Mattel has been giving us some much cuter clothing items in late 2014 and so far in 2015. You have done a great job mixing and matching these pieces!

  4. I love how used the single pack Mattel clothes. I passed on most of these, but after seeing your pictures I need to go back and pick them up.

  5. Well if Mattel does great pieces like this, they could turn around their Barbie business. These are their best pieces since Fashion Avenue.

  6. Je l'ai vu aussi chez WalMart. J'en ai acheté qu'un seul et bientôt j'en parlerai aussi dans mon blog.

  7. Oh, I hadn't seen these yet! Not really a fan of either of these particular pieces, but I do like the idea of being able to choose instead of having to buy a whole pack where you might only want one of the pieces. Hopefully they'll come out with more of these.

  8. Those are adorable and very stylish! Great shopping over there!

  9. Love how great your gals make these fashions appear ;-)

    I especially like that tee shirt that Arna's wearing. Now that set is on my WANT list.

  10. I have some of these as well. They're great for mixing and matching with other things, and not have to spend a fortune doing it. If I can put the crochet hook down long enough, I may start sewing some clothes for the Moreville bunch. LOL :-)

  11. Hello from Spain: I agree with you. Great outfits. Nice pics. Keep in touch


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