Sunday, October 26, 2014

Prettie Girl

I admired the One World Doll Project from afar, resisting the doll only because her foot size and figure shape would be new in my lineup and I wasn't sure I was up for the challenge of clothes and shoes. Well, I caved. I simply couldn't resist the Cynthia Bailey collectible doll. Her hair is magnificent! Also, I had the pleasure of reading roxannesdolls excellent blog review, and after seeing Prettie Girl’s impressive derrière I was smitten.

A few likes and dislikes I will mention.

Low points also for her not being able to sit with her legs closed. Unladylike!


As I stated, Prettie Girl has a most impressive derrière. Actually, it’s glorious! Whatever deficits she has, the excellence of her butt more than makes up for them.

So, she’s in the house and apparently she was on the same wave length as me because the first thing she wanted to know was how I planned to dress and shoe her. Her expectations were obvious - she would not tolerate make-do stretchy fashions or Ken shoes. Of course not!

“How”, she wondered, “will I be outfitted for a day at the office?”
(Shani size Babs skirt, Babs blouse, Liv Doll shoes) 

“What about,” she inquired, “weekend attire – pretty, yet casual enough for house cleaning?”
(AF shorts; Liv doll top; Flat Foot Babs shoes)

“And, what if I wanted to strut on down to the dépanneur,” she inquired, “dressed in something designed to catch the eye of the opposite sex?”
(AF top and shorts by SLDoll; AF boots)

“If I catch the eye of a handsome guy and it leads to a date, do you have something
sure to impress?” she wanted to know.
(AF dress by La Boutique; AF Miss Fear shoes (repainted))

“Then,” she added, “if the date went well and we started to hang out, like at the beach, do you have a bikini for me?”
(AF bikini by Sushi Street; Liv sandals)

“Soooo…” she challenged, “if I wanted to fill my nights with romantic dreams, what sexy thing could I wear to bed?”
(As long as it’s just dreams, I suppose AF lingerie)

“Then, of course,” she added, “I would want to share my dreams with my besties, so what would I wear on a night out with them?”
(Spinmaster Jacket; Clear Lan tee; AF skirt by SLDoll; Star Doll boots; Gucci handbag by POM)

“Après….” She began…
“Whoa!” I stopped her. “Enough already!”

“One more!” she demanded. Just because that’s how dollies are.
(Clear Lan tee; AF slacks by La Boutique; Star Doll shoes)

So yes, Prettie Girl, aka Ms. Rocsi Nwosu, is in the house.
And she’s here to stay. (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

(¯`v´¯) ....♥