Thursday, June 12, 2014

Love Revolution DG Cruz and Auden

Love Revolution DG Cruz and Auden arrived yesterday. I had to step back and ask myself, do male dolls in color coordinated, unusual fashions belong in my homme collection? I think the definitive answer to that is yes, yes they do, but then I posed the question, does this particular pair’s highly color coordinated precious looking fashions count? No, no they don’t.

I’m not going to knock these fashions. I respect the IT designers’ talent, and I respect others’ right to dig these duds. And let’s face it, coordinating colors is a tricky business. But the fact remains that too much of a good thing can result in something more clownish than dapper, and in this case there just aren't enough masculine touches to suit the tastes of my girls which, coincidentally, happen to coincide with mine. *smiles*

I’m not claiming any skills when it comes to mixing and matching men’s clothing, and I admit to not being consistent at achieving a color-savvy style, but I had to at least give it a shot with this pair. So here they are redressed and boufy hair somewhat tamed.

I am not a fan of side-glancers, so I retouched Cruz’s eyes. I think he has wonky eyes now, but never mind, it’s not sealed and I will either swipe it and give it another try or go back to the original. I also added subtle definition to his beard.

In the meantime, he can wear sun-glasses and maybe join a cool band. 

Maybe he can be the lead singer! 

And even have groupies… ha-ha!

Okay, I’ll stop now.

Cheers!  ◔◡◔≦