Thursday, May 29, 2014

1:6 Housing Solution

It’s no secret that I love to design little spaces. Not a stage setting consisting of three walls, but something detailed - rooms leading into rooms, doors, windows… but it is all pretty labor intensive, which is a huge problem.

When my mini-me Rowena (no, my name is not Rowena) wanted a city apartment it was hard to justify a new build (think time, effort, cost and storage) when she already owns a beach cottage, especially since other dollies are clamoring for their turn to own Roville property. But Rowena gets what Rowena wants.

SOLUTION: Condo. Imagine a condo complex overlooking the river. Expensive real estate for dollies with expensive taste. But the units would be compact and modern in design, with the most important part being multiple units, all with the exact same floor plan. See where I’m going? The only thing to change would be the décor that would be designed to suit the taste of individual occupants.

Rowena’s unit was completed in a blue color palette with contemporary design. A second unit was completed in a green color palette with more traditional design elements. Images illustrate the concept. 

Voila! Multiple units help solve Roville’s housing shortage. 

Rowena has moved in and is busy entertaining her BFFs and enjoying the good life.

I haven’t decided yet who will own the second unit (no matter what she thinks).

Plan is to complete a foyer with downstairs half-bath, a second entrance leading into the kitchen, and stairs leading upstairs. And more interior designs are in the works. Stay tuned.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Beastly Hair -

I pass on few IT homme. Because I love Nu.Face and love 
Lukas, Beauty from the Nu.Fantasy 2013 collection was a 
given but my local retailer was only selling Beauty as a set with
Beast so I ended up with her. Even though I have no interest
in female fantasy dolls I wasn't willing to chance losing
Beauty (who knew he would end up not being popular!).

Beast came off the self today to get a little work to help her fit in around here, and
here she is...       

“You cut her hair off!” you might well exclaim. I know, right. Cutting long curls is an 
excruciating decision, but here’s why….


She’s fitting in just fine.

Cheers! (>‿◠)

Fashion Credit:
Frau E.