Monday, August 27, 2012

Repurposed Thrift store Finds (No. 2)

1:6 Scale Diorama using thrift store finds 

Recent visits to the local thrift store yielded some usable goodies. Typically, I scrub everything clean when I arrive home and leave them on my work table to dry. They were accumulating, so time to repurpose and create a dear little space.

The junk:

A pair of candle sticks. I know, ugly right? But they were only $1 and signed by the artist.  I guess *sheepish grin* that didn’t make them any prettier but, hey, I had a plan. 

The miniature pots, box and tray are no big deal, but I was feeling a country vibe coming on and these held promise. 

Six coasters with French scenery interested me, and since they were brand new and cootie free I snagged them. 

Vintage miniature Limoges plates can be found on eBay inexpensively, but these were cheaper at the thrift store and I didn’t have to pay shipping, so quite a satisfying find. 

But the “hit pay dirt” moment came when I scored this miniature frame. 

Get a load of the inlay work! Gorgeous! It set me back $16 but I was delighted by it.

The repurposing:

A repainted Franklin Mint cupboard houses the Limoges, and a soap gift box makes a sweet bureau to showcase the pièce de résistance which now frames a vintage fashion plate. The coasters became artwork, and the porcelain box became a container for my lady’s knitting and sewing supplies. 

The candlestick bases were removed, given a light spray of paint to deintensify the original design and color, and ended up as side tables. Pots always make suitable planters. 

Other items in the room are a repainted Byers Choice bench with cushions sewn by me, a carpet created by printing a design onto Avery printable fabric, and lamps using dollhouse miniature plant pedestals as bases, topped with repainted Gloria shades. Repainted Barbie house doors are framed out with wood trim purchased at Home Depot. The floor is wallpaper, also found at Home Depot. The floral wallpaper was printed by me.

Tea, anyone?