Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Repurposed Thrift Store Finds

1:6 Scale Diorama using thrift store finds

I adore visiting the local thrift store with $10.00 in my pocket, finding miniature items for the dollies to decorate their spaces, and leaving with change.

Some recent finds were a pair of brass candle sticks, a matching pair of framed art, a box, a pair of horses, and a brass bowl.

The candle sticks were cut to form table bases, and I replaced the knob on the box with a smaller one. 

Frames go up on the wall, a horse goes on display, and I brought out a sofa a friend made several years ago. 

… beginnings of a comfy room for le homme.

Cheers!  ♥....♥

Friday, July 6, 2012

Ma Petite Chaise (No. 7)

 Candle Holder Chair

Several years ago a savvy 1:6er got their hands on some miniature tea light candle holder chairs and created seat cushions for them, turning them into appealing chairs for dollies. They listed them on eBay one at a time (a strategy, I assume, to made them appear scarce) and sat back to enjoy the ensuing bidding wars. I won one of those bidding wars. Despite paying $36 (!) for a tea light candle holder I’ve not regretted the purchase - its elaborate carving, gilding, and fleur de lis decoration is lovely. Although the chair is under scale, making it impractical for dolls to sit in, it makes an attractive space filler for either a living room or boudoir dio.

I have asked Wallis Bouton-Borthwick (Monogram Magnificent) to demo the chair.

* thunderstruck *