Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ma Petite Chaise (No. 6)

Tulip Chair

The Tulip Chair’s pedestal base made history in 1956 when Eero Saarinen designed the first one legged chair. It is a pure expression of modernism and is as popular today as it was in the ‘60s when it won the Museum of Modern Art Award.

It looks divine as a dining chair with minimal modern furnishings, but its timelessness allows it to be incorporated into more traditional settings. It looks equally good used as an office chair or an occasional chair. Any way you choose to use it, its curvaceous style will sing sexiness.

I enjoy the unexpected, so combined my 1:6 scale Tulip Chair (seats recovered in black) with a classic chandelier and mirror, rustic gray-painted floor boards, and a focal point flower arrangement.

1:6 scale Vitra Tulip Chair sell for a staggering $240. More affordable ones can be found on eBay for around $25 each. If you are looking for two chairs and a matching table, check out Carolyn Allen’s delicious set on Etsy. I love that she offers a chic black version. She also offers the chairs for $40 a pair, and the table alone for $35.

Today I have invited a Stardoll to demo the Tulip Chair (first timer, which is why she looks as stiff as a board).

}: (    This is war!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ma Petite Chaise (No. 5)

1:6 scale Betawi Chair

There’s nothing new dolly wise here - I’m patiently awaiting my FR pre-orders. I say “patiently” lightly because Integrity’s pre-order system takes so darn loooooooooooong to get a dolly! Nothing interests me from Mattel, or any other manufacturer, so out comes another chair for my dose of dolly play. 
D7ana over at phillycollector has been sharing info about boy band dollies and that has inspired me to pull out my one and only band boy (Max/The Wanted) to demo the chair. Max’s original body is ree-dic-o-lis so he’s been rebodied.

The Betawi chair, in 1:1 scale, harkens from Indonesia. Betawi furniture style is simple without carving or ornamentation. This barrel shaped chair, with vertical slats back and arms, was popular in the 19th century and is still in use to this day as an occasional chair. 

This 1:6 scale Betawi chair is made by WoodenFace, priced around $18.99.
Max's Dragon (muscular) body provides plenty of articulation for him to enjoy his tub chair.

Wait until I get my hands on that little show-off Harper!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Ma Petite Chaise (No.4)

April Day Creations Plexiglas Chair

April Day Creations, Inc. put out a series of TOMORROW room furniture made of Plexiglas around 1972. There were two Living Room Sets - one set included sofa, club chair and end table, the second set included two side chairs, an end table and coffee table. There was also a Dining Room Set that included a dining table and three dining chairs. The color options were either orange, blue, black, or clear.  Photos demonstrated how to compose a happy color scheme.

The furniture was sold either in sets or in individual boxes.

Instructions were also included for making flowers, candles 
and cushions so little girls could decorate their TOMORROW room. 

My happy color scheme uses the orange living room set.

Harper will NOT be invited to demo ma petite chaise in the future!  ٩(̾•̃̾•̃̾)۶