Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ma Petite Chaise (No. 3)

Saddlebrook Lounger:

The Saddlebrook Lounger is a 50s inspired contemporary chair. This 1:6 model can be picked up on eBay for $16.99 with free shipping. Note, before purchasing, that the chrome base is over-sized, and the construction, while sturdy, is not sleekly designed. However, it is an inexpensive option for a dolly looking for a natural choice for her retro interior.


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  1. Very nice chair. I love this diorama's color palette and especially the lamp...very creative.

  2. The room is so suave and laid back. Such delicious details!

  3. That is one groovy room, girl. Lovin' the mini Eiffel Tower and the textured glass vase. Oh and the turtle poster. Cool 4-legged cat and far out windows, man. Love the whole blue-green tone balanced by the warmth of the mahogany dresser. And yes, the chair, too. Thumbs up. Peaceful chillin, ;-D


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