Monday, April 2, 2012

Stardoll Rebodying

D7ana over at was on top of "Stardoll by Barbie" fashion dolls before they were even released and has kept us up-to date since. She announced in March 2012 that the dolls were on sale at Target. Thank you, D7ana!

To recap, Stardolls are mini-fashionistas right down to their real eyelashes and on trend mix-n-match outfits. They were released in 2011 and retailed at $20.99 each. Separate fashions packs sold for around $14.99. 

Stardolls are sorta old news now but they're still providing me with lots of fun. I’ve rebodied mine and thought I’d share what success I have had matching skin tones. 

Here my girls meet for morning coffee and gossip at the local Donut Shop.

Bonjour Bizou Style 1 & 2 and Fallen Angel were rebodied on 2012 Fashionistas with tanned skin tone.

Most 2012 (and prior) Fashionistas have tanned skin tone, so they are easy to find. Here’s an example:

Pretty in Love was rebodied on a 2011 Barbie Basics Model #4b. The Basics have the model muse slim hips, so it’s obvious that Pretty in Love won’t be ordering donuts with her coffee this morning.

Doll Space Style with her rosy, slightly yellow skin tone was the most difficult to match.

Problem solved when I ran across this pale skinned 2012 Fashionista. Perfect match for Doll Space Style! 

Gothic was rebodied on Black Canary 2008 Barbie Doll with pale skin tone, large bust. I’m not sure if she’ll stay on it, but until I find a better option, the skin tone match is great.

My favorite Stardoll is Doll Space Style. I love her sculpt. Her hair and eye color, and red lips are a killer combination, imho.

Coming in second is Pretty in Love. To me she looks friendly and intelligent. Maybe that’s why she’s the first Stardoll to begin life in Roville. She's entrepreneurial and owns a coffee shop. She doesn’t have a name yet and I'd love to hear suggestions, please.

I’m looking forward to fun playtime with these girls. I’m dying to restyle their hair, and thinking of re-rooting Fallen Angel’s bangs. Yes? No?

Happy Playing.


  1. Thanks, Ro, for these great re-body suggestions! Oh and the call-out! Merci mille fois. I especially love the rebodied Fallen Angel 1 - I would not have thought to put her on a full-breasted body. I think she looks good on it.

    Regarding Fallen Angel 2's hair ... I was thinking it might look cool to have her hair shorter and tapered in the back to form a v like her bangs in front. Shape it like a bell like 1970s Dorothy Hamill (American figure skater) did only with points. I was thinking of doing that, but I worry about getting it "right."

    Funny thing, Fallen Angel 2 is the last of the 3 StarDolls that I have so far, but she is the first to be re-named. She's Roxanne in my doll zone.

    The others I have Fallen Angel 1 and Pretty N Love 2 don't yet have names. East Philly names, that is ;-D

    Do you mind if I link to this post over on my blog? I confess that I pinned Roville on Pinterest - I could NOT resist. But I am trying to heed Internet etiquette now so I am asking first ;-)

    Hope you are having fun, too.

  2. Never a need to ask. Not you, mon amie. Link away.

    You have started naming your SDs? C’est bien. I’m not usually at a loss with names, especially since dollies arriving in Roville are required to do so with résumé in hand. Ha! But this time I’m stumped. I like the name you’ve given your Fallen Angel 2. Roxanne has a certain strong, wild child flair. I also like that she has a sister. :D Your suggestion for Fallen Angel 2’s haircut sounds amazing. Bon courage! I know for sure I will be cutting Bonjour Bizou Style 2’s hair. Those short hunks of hair on each side of her head are pas belle.

  3. I love all your decoration ! How did you get them ?

    1. I have acquired the accessories over many years from many different sources. If there is any one item that interests you, please let me know and it will be my pleasure to assist you with information on its origin.

  4. I love everything you do and I want to have all your decoration to make my movies with them.
    Please, are you in french Canada ? Cause I search for a colector club, but it's not easy to find. I think i'm alone to collect Barbie doll here.

    1. Vous pouvez me contacter sur mon site web à

  5. Your dolls are very stylish!! :)

  6. Hello where can i buy these new ones?

  7. I just stumbled across this blog spot today, after about 5 years of absence!!! I didn't even realize it was in my Friends list, until now! Geez! Have I been out of it or what?? It was like taking a trip down memory lane and I sooooo enjoyed it! It's amazing how far the dolly world has come in 5 years!
    I hope someday you put together an e-book of all your pics and projects, so future generations can enjoy it as much as this generation has! You have IMMENSE talent!


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