Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Carol Ferris (Green Lantern) Barbie Doll

Released mid-2011 at the San Diego Comic Convention, Carol Ferris comes dressed in a green flight suit, carrying a pilot helmet. She features an articulated body with large bust. Retail $35. Sold out. Can still be found on eBay at $60.

Although the doll has the Louboutin head mold, Mattel somewhat managed a resemblance to Blake Lively, the actress who played Ferris in the Warner Bros. film.

Love the mole but wish she sported Blake’s blonde hair. 

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  1. Oh, she is lovely. I have to look for her now. I mean, she is articulated?! Yes.

    Wait, what AM I saying? Okay, gotta get a Louboutin doll period. Sigh. But this one would be super nice because she has bust variation AND poseable body. So even at $60, that's not too bad ...


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