Sunday, December 11, 2011

Barbie - Rear Window Grace Kelly

I was pretty excited when I saw the promo photo of Barbie Rear Window Grace Kelly (released Dec 2011). I love my girls to have make-up and hair options, and RWGK looked perfect for Mary-Margaret to have a red lipstick option.

Here’s the promo photo:

Here’s what arrived:

The hair is completely different! I like it (or expect to after I wash out the stiffness), but Mary-Margaret’s current look uses the Barbie To Catch a Thief head sculpt and the hair is much shorter.

If I use the new head sculpt with red lipstick, do I put off using it for months to explain her hair growth (that would make it hard to go back to the head with pink lipstick and shorter hairstyle), suggest she’s has hair extensions, or trim it to match her current hairstyle (sacrificing perfectly lovely long hair)?